Ravines Golf Club Auction Announcement

What: Auction announcement of Ravines Golf Club for golf equipment, items and memorabilias
When: November 27, 2016 at 2:00 pm
Where: Ravines Golf Club Clubhouse
All interested individuals may participate in the bidding. This fundraising effort aims to generate additional revenues for upcoming golf tournaments of the club.
Please note of the following:

Potential bidders are requested to register with the Club Membership Department before the actual time of bidding.
A deposit of five thousand (P5, 000) is …

Ravines Golf Club Holds Ladies’ League

On December 6, 2012 a group of ladies assembled and organized the first ever Ladies’ League at Ravines Golf Club. The enthusiasm has continued and survived up to this day. To those who wish to participate we will be having a friendly 18-hole match starting on December 6, 2016 in commemoration of the foundation of Ravines Golf Club Women’s Team, it will be held every Tuesday, 9:00 in the morning. Our ultimate goal in holding this Ladies’ League is to further develop camaraderie and friendship among all members especially women members.
Please note of the following:

To register, kindly prepare an amount of P500 for …